Electrical Works at Ministry of Defence

Design, manufacture, procurement and installation of main distribution panels and all panel boards for the headquarter building of Ministry of Defense in Kabul. Additionally, the company procured and installed transformers for the building.

  • Distribution Transformers, 2500 kVA, 15/0.4 kV, 3 Pcs
  • MV Distribution/Protection Panels
  • MV Automatic Transfer Switch Panels
  • 4000 A Main LV Distribution Panel (26 Cell)
  • Power Transformers’ Enclosures/Canopies
  • LV Capacitor Banks, 650‐1000 kvar
  • LV Distribution and Control Panels, 40 – 3200 A

Client: ITSI-Gilbane

Project Owner: Ministry of Defense, Government of Afghanistan

Date: May 2011 to Dec. 2012

Location: Ministry of Defense, HQ Building, Kabul, Afghanistan