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Manufacture and Procurement of Distribution Switchboards and Meter Boxes

Utilizing its manufacturing facility in Herat, Novin Simia completed following items for DABS in Herat. Design, manufacture and testing of LV distribution switchboards, procurement and supply of transformers, LV circuit breakers, load breaking switch/fuses and accessories for overhead transmission lines. Furthermore, and as part of another task order, Novin Simia manufactured and procured of 800 […]

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Electrical Works at Ministry of Defence

Design, manufacture, procurement and installation of main distribution panels and all panel boards for the headquarter building of Ministry of Defense in Kabul. Additionally, the company procured and installed transformers for the building. Distribution Transformers, 2500 kVA, 15/0.4 kV, 3 Pcs MV Distribution/Protection Panels MV Automatic Transfer Switch Panels 4000 A Main LV Distribution Panel […]

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