Aino Mena Township Power Distribution

Additional Info

  • 1: 150 Pole Mounted Transformers
  • 2: 160km LV ABC Cable
  • 3: 70km MV Overhead Line
  • 4: 85 Compact Transformer Station
  • 5: 32km MV Underground Cable
Aino Mena  Township  Power  Distribution
We have always been completely satisfied by NovinSimia’s performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates. 

NovinSimia is the prime contractor to design and implement the power distribution network in Aino Mena Township in Kandahar for 23000 (twenty three thousand) housing units in approximately 20000 (twenty thousand) hectares area of construction. The major items in the scope of this project was to implement 70 km medium voltage overhead line distribution, 32 km Medium Voltage Underground, 160 km low voltage ABC cable distribution system and installation of 230 pole mounted transformers. NovinSimia deployed its professional and experienced cadre of personnel including engineers, technicians and skilled labour to proceed with the implementation of this project in rapid pace.

Location :Aino Mona , Kandahar Province , Afghanestan
Data :Jun . 2012 to Dec. 2013 ( substantially completed )


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