Electrical works at Shindand Airbase (TO 6)

Additional Info

  • 1: 14 MVA Power Plant
  • 2: 16 Compact Transformer
  • 3: 12km MV Underground Cable
Electrical works  at Shindand Airbase (TO 6)

Task Order 6 NovinSimia is actively involved in rehabilitation and re-construction of Shindand Airbase since April 2008, working as the electrical sub-contractor with different General Contractor including Internationals and Nationals.The most recent task order under progress by NovinSimia in Shindand Airbase is Installation of 12 generators for 14MVA power plant and 12 km MV underground cable 2500kVA, 200kVA, 16 Set compact transformer stations. Currently 90% of the project’s scope is completed. This project features power generation facility and power distribution network for Shindand Airbase in its entirety – completely one of a kind. 



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