Electrical Works at Shindand Airbase (TO1 to TO5)

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  • 1: 56 Set Compact Transformer Stations
  • 2: 42km MV Underground Cable
  • 3: 15 Set Generators Installed
Electrical Works at Shindand Airbase (TO1 to TO5)
We have always been completely satisfied by NovinSimia’s performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates. 

Task Order 5 Another example of project experience of NovinSimia in power distribution tasks is the implementation of 17 km MV under ground grid along with 18 set Compact transformer station. NovinSimia was the electrical subcontractor to KAM Construction (General Contractor) in order to complete this task order for a US Army Corps of Engineers funded projects. The completion of this project was so important to provision of the security to one of the key tactical air base facilities of Afghanistan. The Client – US Army Corps of Engineers – put this news in its website as turning over a milestone project. "Our mission is to turn projects over and it is always a great thing to cut a ribbon on a facility with the quality products that were produced here," Mathew Walden, resident engineer and contracting officer for the project told the audience gathered for the ceremony at one of the site's guard towers.

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and US Air Force 
Center for Environment and Excellence (US AFCEE)
April 2008 to Apr. 2014
Shindand Airbase, Herat Province, Afghanistan


Kabul Industrial Parks,District 9,Jalalabad Road Kabul, Afghanistan

Herat Industrial Town, Block 204,Phase 1 Herat,Afghanistan