Indoor Pad-Mounted Panel

Indoor Pad-Mounted Panel


Technical Data 

  • Max Voltage: 480Y/277V AC, 380/220V AC.
  • Main circuit breaker: 100-1200A MCCB or ACB breaker
  • Neutral bus bar: 100-200% main bus bar 
  • Grounding bus bar: 100-125% main bus bar


  • Main bus, 150-1200 amp, copper 
  • Simplify installation on the wall or base of buildings.
  • Integrated TVSS for maximum surge protection
  • 100-200% rated neutrals available
  • 100-125% rated grounds available
  • Vertically mounted main circuit breakers available
  • Branch-bus direct connection to main bus bar.
  • Front accessible main lug assembly
  • 100% rated breakers available Individual breaker cover plates.
  • Operations and Maintenance leaflet include 


  • IEC
  • UL
  • NEC
  • NEMA

Type Tests

  • Temperature-rise limits
  • Dielectric properties
  • Strength of material and parts
  • Degree of protection
  • Short-circuit withstand strength
  • Effectiveness of the protective circuit
  • Clearances and creepage distances
  • Mechanical operation
  • 100% rated breakers available Individual breaker cover plates

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