Cable Tray

Cable Tray


NovinSimia Production’s standard range Cable Tray Systems were developed for use in commercial, mining and industrial plants. Its superior support strength and open ventilation allows for the economical installation of power cables and pipe runs. Standard material is pre-galvanized steel. All types of trays are available to cover a wide range of requirements.


  • Self-splicing Bends, Risers and Tees.
  • Available rail in or rail out.
  • Each tray and associated fitting has an earth hole at the ends for earthing connections.
  • Rungs are channel type giving additional strength for loading.
  • Ladder hold down clamp assemblies can be supplied in either standard or cyclonic type.


  • 3/50 (NEMA 16A)
  • 4/70L (NEMA 20B)
  • 4/70 (NEMA 20B) 
  • 5/112 (NEMA 20C) 
  • NEMA VE 1 
  • TIA-569


  • Normal Type Cable Tray
  • 90o Horizontal Bend
  • Horizontal Tee
  • 4-Way Intersection
  • Flat 45o Bend
  • Internal 90o Bend
  • External 90o Bend
  • Vertical Tee
  • Reducer Right
  • Reducer Left
  • Reducer Center
  • Joint Piece

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