Cable Support Equipment

NovinSimia Production manufactures high quality cable support equipment including cable tray, cable ladder and cable rack. The system offered by NovinSimia is developed for use in commercial, mining and industrial plants. Its superior support strength and open ventilation allows for the economical installation of power cables and pipe runs. Standard material is pre-galvanized steel


  • Adequate support with additional supports for larger components
  • Self-splicing bends, risers and tees.
  • Both rail-in or rail-out options are available
  • Each tray/ladder and associated fitting has an earth hole 
  • Rungs are channel type giving additional strength for loading
  • Ladder hold down clamp assemblies can be supplied in either standard or cyclonic type

NovinSimia Production’s ranges of steel sheet panel boards are designed for safety, reliability and availability in any electrical project. All NovinSimia’s products incorporate unique design features making installation and modification an easy operation and less time consuming. These units are designed to suit in residential, commercial and industrial installations. They are easy to install, highly reliable and in accordance with relevant International Standards


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